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Quality policy

ZOLODA works on the design, manufacture and sale of low voltage electrical products.

The main goal in our quality policy is to meet our customers’ expectations and requirements, complying with the applicable legislation and regulations, while ensuring our customers that they can rely on our products and services, as well on the safety of our organization. We work hard on constantly improving efficiency to meet such goal.

Technique, quality, delivery terms and the ongoing search for professional suppliers are critical in our business performance, which is translated into our company’s reliability. All members in our organization are committed to performing an excellent job, coordinating all processes to meet our customers’ needs, both locally and off-shore.

Our leadership in the market is based on the internationally renowned certifications of our products.

We consider it essential to be familiar with our customers’ demands and needs to fully meet them.

We plan our staff’s training in a professional working environment, offering them the tools and resources for their best performance, in the awareness that quality is the key factor to “getting it right the first time around”.

Our Management’s leitmotif is to ensure the compliance with the company’s goals by the enforcement of an efficient quality management system under ISO 9001 international standards. The results will lead us to continuous improvement, planning and follow-up.

The commitment by our staff members to understand our customers and empathize with them, working with responsibility, defines the success of our job.